There is the stipulation that our planet is suffering from overpopulation. But then again, what warrants this stipulation and what is overpopulation? The general definition of overpopulation is a situation in which a species’ number exceeds the carrying capacity of its ecological niche. However, there is more than enough inhabitable land on the planet at this time to handle in excess of five times the human and animal population. So if this is the case, then, pray tell, why is there a cry of our planet suffering from overpopulation?

            What if this overpopulation insinuation is economic reasons? What if the reason is to create a sense of scarcity and therefore drive demand upwards and hence, prices? All things being equal, there are individuals, corporations and special interest groups who stand to benefit a whole lot from increasing prices, regardless of what is happening to the rest of the globe.

            What if the major flaws in monetary and financial systems could be easily addressed? What if humanity went through a cataclysmic situation that put an end to our present economical/financial structures? Do we lose our humanity with that, or do we adapt to something that is more sustaining and humane that would benefit everyone and not just a few?

            What if we from monetary-based economical systems to resource-based systems? Granted, present-day economics claim to attempt to maximize the use of natural resources, but the motivation behind such thoughts are generally egoistic and egocentric, as this has been proven by the economic situation of our times. What if a resource-based system were to be implemented throughout the globe?

Could it work? Could it be the remedy to our present-day egocentric economics? Well, there is only one way to find out… 


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