On a general basis, prayer could be defined simply as ‘communication with the divine’. The ‘divine’ is completely subjective; it could be a tree, the sun, the moon, the one called God, a saint, a deity, or whatever one considers ‘the divine’. However, this blog will address the topic of prayer in the light of communication with the Father-Mother, Timeless, Boundless, Nameless Oneness or Consciousness, from whom all things and no-thing hail and in whom all things and no-thing have their being. For the purpose of simplicity and efficiency with words, we will address this Consciousness as God.

So if prayer is communication with God, what does this really mean? Is prayer then simply a matter of saying a bunch of words out loud or in our hearts? Is it a matter of just being quiet and listening to our hearts, when our minds have stopped making noise? Is it a blend of both speaking and listening to the divine? Or is it something entirely different? Do we bow our heads, raise our eyes to the ‘heavens’, prostrate ourselves, close our eyes or do whatever we do during prayer because we are communicating with God, who lives in heaven? Just as in all my previous posts, this blog will consist simply of a compendium of phrases that may help trigger the need for further meditation and research into this topic. Here are some verses quotations from the Christian Bible and they do tie with some of the basic teachings of other religions such as Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, and Jainism amongst others.

“Neither shall they say ‘Lo here!’ or ‘Lo there!’ for behold, the Kingdom of God is within you! Gospel of Luke 17:21

“For in Him we live and move and have our being…” Acts 17:28

So if the Kingdom of God is within us, then why do we pray as if God lives somewhere else like in ‘heaven’ or ‘his kingdom’ that is beyond our reach? Our very actions contradict what we are trying to achieve through prayer; that is communication with the divine, in this case God.

And if we are one and inseparable from God, ‘in whom we live and move and have our being’, why do we still profess a notion of separation by seeing ourselves as separate from God? Why do we dedicate a particular day for ‘worship’ or certain times of the day for ‘prayer’? Our very lives, at every single moment in the eternal present ought to be a prayer because our very lives are a constant communication with the God we are one with and inseparable from. If this is the case, therefore, our very lives are the prayer we pray. By our very existence, WE ARE A LIVING PRAYER. And if God is omniscient, it means that even before we go to our rooms, church, at the table about to eat a meal, in school, in our cars, anywhere and everywhere, to pray, God already aware of what our prayer will entail.

So what is prayer again? It is communication with God. And where does God live? God lives in all of creation, including you and I. I strongly believe that if we shift our consciousness from one of separation to one of oneness with the Nameless, Timeless and Boundless Father-Mother-All-That-Is, then we would become more aware of ourselves and our true identity, which is one of Consciousness itself. Prayer is a great method of uplifting one’s level of consciousness, but it ought to be done with the right degree of awareness; not one that is not steeped in the illusion of separation, but one that is open and embracing to the consciousness of oneness with the Father-Mother God, one that is a profession of the I AM…