In the western civilizations, yoga has become a part of a fitness program, with its original eastern teachings and meanings being lost in the misconstrued mindset of the west. However, a compendium on yoga would be physical, mental and spiritual practices that are meant to still the mind, or bring the mind to permanent peace. It is the stilling of the ever-changing states of the mind and hence bringing it to union with the divine (with stillness itself). It is interesting to read that in the Christian Bible, being still has a direct connection to knowing God.

            ‘Be still and know that I am God,’ Psalm 46.10.

            If one takes a look at a spinning wheel, one notices that as the wheel spins, every single point of the wheel that spins in one direction has an opposite and equal spin in the other direction. For every bit of sorrow, there is a little joy. For every bit of happiness, there is a little sadness; and it goes on and on. Isaac Newton sums this up in his Third Law of Motion:

            ‘For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.’

These are the various states of the mind and when one becomes trapped or identified in this situation of feeling subject to the ever-changing states of mind, one then becomes trapped in the melodrama of world of the ego, or the world of illusion.

            But even though the wheel is spinning, the very center of the wheel does not. It is the immovable center and is not subject to the ever-changing state of the spinning wheel. The purpose of yoga is to bring one to the state of the immovable mind, stillness or union with the divine (or what some folks have termed as ‘God’). So it is recommended that whenever one is practicing yoga, one could appreciate the fact that there is more to yoga than just the physical aspect of it. True peace is peace that one experiences when one is free from the constructs of the ever-changing states of the mind. It is one that is obtained only through stillness of the mind (the immovable center), which is the same as union with the divine. Yoga could help one get to that state of mind and being.




White light is white light. When a beam of white light hits a red piece of glass, it comes out on the other side of the red piece glass as red light. When it hits a green piece of glass, it comes out on the other side of the green piece of glass as green light. The same thing happens for various colors of glass. In all cases, some of the light gets reflected back in the direction from which the beam of light came. When a prism is used, the white light is dispersed into seven different colors. In the case of a transparent, colorless piece of glass, most of the white light goes through as white light. Some of it gets reflected back, however.

Truth is like the beam of white light and the human mind is like a piece of glass upon which this beam of white light (Truth) lands on. The various colors of the pieces of glass represent the conditioning the human mind has acquired over a lifetime or many lifetimes; cultural, parental, political, religious, social, geographical, amongst other forms of conditioning. The various colors of light that result from white light passing through the various colors of the glass medium are synonymous to the ideologies, belief systems, governmental structures, idiosyncrasies, cultural background and even fanatical propensities that permeate the human race are all the spawns of the misrepresentation, misunderstanding and misconstruing of the fundamentals of our true identities.

For this cause, we fight, maim and kill one another in the name of ‘our beliefs’, ‘our teachings’, ‘our hopes’, ‘our constitution’, and ‘our truths’. Everyone else who is not in line with us becomes our enemy. Those who do not see ‘our light’ are ‘in the dark and are lost’ and must be punished or will suffer punishment at the hands of some supreme ruler, whose law is that of total obedience or suffer the consequences. Sometimes, in an effort to not be a part of the extreme, we take upon the mantle of having several beliefs and opinions. We train our minds to act as a prism, splitting the truth into various ‘truths’. And we whip out the fist of justification to assert our stance, without even realizing that if something requires justification, then it is not Truth in itself. It is only an illusion because Truth requires no justification. Truth just is!

If only we could change our perspective and shift our focus to beyond the medium of the mind. We could stop looking at the result of our minds and start paying attention to the white light itself; we could let Truth teach us and reveal itself to us rather than us letting our intelligence get in the way. Only when we start looking towards the source itself that our minds can become as clear as colorless glass pieces, and then can we manifest the Truth in our daily lives in as pure of its form as we can. Truth would then flow through us naturally because it is our true identity. Truth and Consciousness then become one and inseparable in us and once this change takes place on an individual basis, then we can impact our world in a very different but more beautiful way.