Dear Watchers,

My name is Humanity and I live on a small, blue planet we call Earth at the very edge of a galaxy we call The Milky Way. We epitomize the very quintessence of polarity because our very physical nature itself is based on polarity. We have a long way and here is a progress report and compendium of our status quo thus far.

Our ancient past was one of the greatest of glories, of peace, harmony and unity. Our ancient past was truly a golden era, but over the past two millennia, we have seen our kind at its worst. There have been more death and destruction, wars and pillages, crimes against ourselves and against our home, Mother Earth, than in all the other ages combined. Even the beasts of the land and sea, though they may be savages, have shown that they can maintain order amongst themselves. Humanity, however, cannot boast of the same. Our past is shameful, disgraceful, distasteful and disgusting.

Our present has been better and therein lies hope. Things like slavery, crimes against humanity, crimes, abuse of power, racism, homophobia and other inhumane tendencies towards our fellow kind is generally frowned upon now or met with the stiff hand of imperfect justice; imperfect only because it is forged from imperfect minds. Humanity just may have had some civility in this civilization after all. Today, unfortunately, we are deeply infected by a virus called greed. It is this greed that has caused Humanity to reduce its fellow kind to mere tools to an end, or mere numbers in the books, under the guise of economics, commerce and progress. Greed is now the biggest narcotic to Humanity’s ego!

As for our future, it is still in the making. We have made huge strides in science and technology, but not so much in spirituality. But there has been a general sense of awakening, a shift in consciousness on a planetary level. Perhaps, this is our next big leap; perhaps, this is the panacea to our ailments as a species; perhaps, this is a herald to greater times to come. A snapshot at our situation may seem dire, but we are Humanity and we are survivors. There is good in us and our goodness is lighting up and smothering out the darkness. It may be a slow process, but it is progress and we can only get better.

Please be mindful of the fact that this is merely a progress report and compendium of our status quo. It is not a cry for help. We can take care of ourselves. We may be considered children, but we are growing up. Eventually, we will become fully mature and awaken to our full potential and true identity, our divinity and rightful place in the grand scheme of things.

Yours sincerely,